Our prefferred travel agency will work with you to provide with best discounts to fly to USA and back home.

We take Flying to a different level

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Rent our aircraft in a safe manner. 

We count with one of the most safe and well maintained aircraft of the market. Use our strategic location to travel to destinations all around Florida, Georgia and the Bahamas. Our C172 TD can take you even further with its almost 8 hours of endurance and its ceiling of 17000 feet.

Flight Support

We count with dispatchers and a group of instructor that can assist you in the decision making process during the flight planing process. 

Use our special fuel rate at the airport.

Need load and unload your aircraft? call our office and our personnel will coordinate with FBO personnel to assist you.

Open Airplane

We belong to one of the latest program in aircraft rental. You will be able to access the program thru us and use our airplanes if you belong to the program from other regions too.

Rent for your vacations

Need to go on a long vacations?? fly one of our aircraft to your preffered destination and have the aircraft delivered back to you on your return.

Rent for your Business

Are you a General contractor, executive, or business person needing to visit differnet locations in a single day or journey?? Rent our aircraft and have our crew coordinating your trip. 

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